About Cortilia

Cortilia (www.cortilia.it) is the first online farmer’s market that offers country-fresh products to consumers by placing them directly in contact with farmers and artisans.

With a simple click, Cortilia delivers fresh, tasty and genuine products right at the user’s doorstep within 24 hours on the most convenient day and time.

Fresh and grocery shopping can all be done right on the Cortilia website. The offer includes fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, meats (including cold cuts), fish, dairy and eggs, bread, a large variety of other fresh and dry specialties, wines, craft beers, personal care and house cleaning products.

Cortilia wishes to satisfy those who value authentic flavors and quality products and appeals to conscious buyers that are interested in foods’ traceability along the supply chain.

Cortilia’s philosophy is made up of a unique set of ingredients: a large variety of flavorful foods, freshly harvested products, craftsmanship and respect for the environment. Additionally, their efficient, on-time service makes next-day delivery of fresh-foods possible. Orders are easily and conveniently customizable to guarantee a personalized grocery shopping and time-saving experience. Cortilia is ideal for those who want the quality and freshness of a short supply chain.

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